The heart of my style

So it’s true that not every family is comfortable with how I approach a session. Some squirm a bit wondering why I’m not telling them what to do. But as a rule I love to just let the family be themselves and create the session that will show who they are and that will make their hearts smile when they walk pass their portraits on their walls. I love it when families bring their talents with them as well (this session included a personal concert…amazing talent in this family, I should have used video!).

Yes, I am in charge of those artistic angles and making adjustments here and there if they are feeling ackward, but as a rule I want a family to be themselves. Usually they loosen up within a half an hour because they realize I’m more goofy then they’ll ever be. Only then will I tell their story with pictures (in the limited time we have together). Here’s this family’s “story”. Happy reading.

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