What to wear: the basics of choosing your colors

Not all colors work well for all people, so when I am asked what colors are suggested for a session, I won’t say a specific color. While some colors tend to work better for particular seasons and I might suggest avoiding certain ones (avoid springy pastels in the fall for example), I generally suggest choosing one main color you feel you rock and coordinate your accent colors accordingly. For families, make sure mom is happy with what color she wants and dress around her. Let’s face it, if mom is not happy, nobody is happy đŸ˜‰

Use this link to find color wheels that will guide you to what colors you may want to wear. The various color wheels will give you a basic way to choose a color scheme. The color wheel you choose depends on how you want to represented. My goal of a session is to capture your true essence, what you wear will enhance that. So if you are fun, vibrant and a little crazy, then you may want to take a look at the complimentary or triadic wheels. If you are a quiet, soft toned typed family then take a look at the analogous wheel. Either way, you’ll want to choose a main color, then accent with necklaces, scarves, shoes, hair accesories, ties, jackets etc. with your remaining colors.

The information with each wheel on this link will help you. Browse the entire color theory section for a broader lesson in color as well as information on tints, shades and tones.


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Happy Coordinating!

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